Fun Facts

The first person to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge was Robert E Odlum.  He was a swimming teacher.  He jumped off the bridge in May of 1885.  He died about an hour after jumping from internal injuries.  The jump was 135 feet.

The first person to jump off the bridge and live was Steve Brodie.  He owened a saloon.  However he was found in the water but there were no witness to see him jump, so he might have never jumped.

Steve BrodieImage from

The bridge became a national landmark in 1964.   People have also admired it in New York’s skyline ever since it was built.

Today some suspension bridges are still being built to the same design as the Brooklyn Bridge becasue it is still standing.  One bridge built similar to the Brooklyn Bridge was the Golden Gate Bridge.

After 9/11 the New York Subway survice closed and people had to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to leave the city.  However many more people went across it then John Robeling had ever designed it for.  The bridge was built so well though that nothing happend.


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